About the Bride


Amy hails from the beautiful beach town of Grand Bend, Ontario. She has two older sisters, Karie and Kaley, from whom she learned everything she needed to know about how to get away with getting into trouble. Amy is a lover of books, animals, and all things ancient! She studied history and classics at UWO, the best school in the world.

About the Groom


Ian was born and raised in Owen Sound, Ontario. He has a younger sister, Kate, whom he used to tease mercilessly (ask her about the floppy disk incident), and she in kind, until they realized they were actually two peas from the same pod. Ian is a lover of science and technology, of radio and communication, and of waffles and bacon. He studied media and computer science at UWO, the best school in the world.

About Randy


Randy was purchased at the Dollarama by the movie theatre in Owen Sound, for $2, before making a name for himself during a viewing of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake. Ever since then, he has joined Ian and Amy and friends on many adventures around the world. He's swam in four oceans, been to Los Angeles, New York, Australia, England, France, Italy, Greece, Turkey, and even Chatsworth. He's been a special invited guest at nearly a dozen weddings, and had to get off Tinder because it was overloading their servers.

Amy actually kissed Randy before she kissed Ian... but you have to come to the wedding to hear that story. He also attended UWO, the best school in the world.

How They All Met...

Amy and Ian

Amy and Ian met online in the late summer of 2013, while Amy was working at the Grand Bend library, and Ian at the Beach radio station in Goderich. Their first date was in Bayfield on August 7th. Ian kissed Amy at the end of the date, though she insists she made the first move. It is a question of ongoing debate.

Ian was offered a promotion to Bayshore Broadcasting's head office in Owen Sound in 2014. As luck would have it, Amy discovered that just down the highway at the Meaford Public Library, they were looking to hire a Community Outreach Coordinator - exactly what Amy wanted to do next in her career. She moved to Meaford, and Ian to Owen Sound, and eventually they moved in together in Owen Sound where they live today with their cat Cork.

About Cork


Cork joined the family on January 3rd, 2016. Amy and Ian aren't sure what they used to talk about in their down time because now it's pretty much all about the cat all the time. Cork plays fetch, runs to the door when a car pulls into the driveway, and pants after running around a lot (aka she is a dog).